Allen’s Bar and Grill

Allens Bar and Grill Since 1955

Allen’s Bar and Grill was one of our most favorite places to eat out for many years, well-known for providing the best burgers in Athens.

The place was opened in 1955, and it was a great place to listen to music while eating delicious food, like humburgers, sandwiches and steaks around Athens, Georgia.  Note: Allen’s Bar and Grill is closed.

Unfortunately, Allen’s restaurant in Athens is closed, so it’s impossible to visit this place anymore for an amazing burger with cheese, but no worries, the future is bright! Below there is some information about the place, which is not that relevant anymore, but feel free to check it out.

Restaurant location

810 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, GA 30606

Contact information

+1 706-353-6244

Where to eat nearby

Since the place is now closed we’ve added a map and list of sites that help you find where to eat burger near you, with that said, it will always be hard to find a good burger like Allen’s burger.

On this map there are some of the top rates restaurants in Athens, if you would like to know, South Kitchen & Bar and Mama’s Boy Restaurant are our favorites around the area.

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